Your sniffles and sneezes might have a different cause than you think

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Your sniffles and sneezes might have a different cause than you think

Is allergy medicine really the right solution for you?
What’s the real source of your symptoms?

Chances are you’ve picked up a medicine on the shelf of Safeway® that promises to relieve your allergy symptoms. But if you really aren’t allergic, that medicine may not help. Allegra®, Benadryl®, Claritin®–these antihistamines can only help allergy symptoms. They don’t manage symptoms caused by a cold.

of people taking antihistamines
are not allergic1,2

So how do you know if your symptoms are caused by an allergy–or by a combination of several different allergies?

A simple allergy test can help determine what’s really behind your sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. Testing for allergies can be done by two different methods—a skin prick test or an allergy blood test. Both tests are very accurate and provide similar information about a patient’s allergies.

Skin Prick Test Blood Test
No interruption of allergy medications ✔
Requires only 1 needle stick/Blood Sample ✔
Carries no risk to severe allergic reaction ✔
Can be used when extensive rash is present ✔
For use in children as young as 3 months ✔ ✔
Same day results in the office ✔

Ask your doctor about allergy blood testing today.


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